Transport Design Workshop – Headed by Mike Levy, Strate, Paris

Posted on : February 25, 2019
Transport Design Workshop – Headed by Mike Levy, Strate, Paris

After five intensive days, the Transportation Design Workshop with Mike Levy, Head of Transport Design at Strate, Paris, concluded with an amazing presentation by Year One students of Strate, Bangalore.


Create a concept vehicle for their college commute


11 teams of two students each


  • Siddharth Prakash, Creative Head of Infuturo Studios
  • Mandar Kale, Head of Product Design at Strate, Bangalore
  • Thomas Dal, Dean of Strate, Bangalore

Every student also graded the other team’s efforts.

Each team came up with three ideas and explored various vehicles’ architectures. They used dirty mock-ups (scale models made with foam board) as a creative tool to explore and express their ideas. They finally chose one concept for the final presentation which had to be coherent with their user scenario.

Mike Levy, the judges, and students shared their feedback and impressions at an interactive roundtable at the end of the presentation. It was a brilliant experience for the students, who are eager to have more such interactive sessions with Mike and other visiting faculty.

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