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Transport Design Workshop – Headed by Mike Levy, Strate, Paris

Posted on : February 25, 2019
Transport Design Workshop – Headed by Mike Levy, Strate, Paris

After five intensive days, the Transportation Design Workshop with Mike Levy, Head of Transport Design at Strate, Paris, concluded with an amazing presentation by Year One students of Strate, Bangalore. THE CHALLENGE Create a concept vehicle for their college commute THE TEAMS 11 teams of two students each THE JUDGES Siddharth Prakash, Creative Head of… Read More…

8 Tips to Prepare For an Interior Designer Job Interview

Posted on : October 8, 2018

So, you’ve secured that coveted job interview in your dream company. You’re nervous but want to pass the interview with flying colours. While there is no shortcut to guarantee the job, you can follow a few tips to ensure you give it your very best. Be prepared mentally To prepare for an interior design job… Read More…

Car Design as a Career in India

Posted on : November 29, 2017

Do you like cars? Have you ever filled your notebooks with drawings of cars? Do you see yourself as the next great car designer? Is your car design the one which will revolutionize the automobile industry? Car design is an exciting and creative hobby, but one which rarely materializes into a job. The apprehension about… Read More…

What Is Design Thinking and Why Do You Need It ?

Posted on : November 20, 2017

All the best design schools in the world include one fundamental concept in their teaching design thinking. A concept that is, today, established in every level of an organization from design to service, from finance and even to management. Design is often mistaken as merely what you see; that it is something which makes an… Read More…

Six Reasons to Join Strate School of Design

Posted on : October 10, 2017

It`s not easy choosing a school that nurtures your passion and provides lucrative career options after graduation. It`s a long-term commitment and the education you receive must match your expectations. It is normal, therefore, to hesitate when making such a crucial decision. If you are apprehensive about a career in design or unsure about Strate… Read More…

How to become a designer?

Posted on : October 10, 2017

How to become a world-class designer? If you want to be a designer; if you are passionate about creating; and if you want to solve problems through good design and make life easier for others, read on about how we can make it happen for you. Definition of Design The World Design Organization (WDO) defines… Read More…