The 5-year Integrated French Master in Design Program


Design is an integral part of everyday life. It forms the very basis of being. Whatever object you see; every product you purchase has taken shape because of design. It is impossible to imagine a world without design. Companies have taken note of this fact and have included design as an integral part of their business strategy. They have realized the potential of design and are looking for qualified designers who can transform their ideas into sustainable products and services. They prefer those who have the ability to visualize and produce works that not just have an artistic appeal but also create a social, cultural, and economic impact.

However, design education has always taken a backseat in India owing to the preference for technical or financial programs such as B.Tech or MBA. Design has always been an afterthought. This is mainly because design institutes that cater to areas other than interior design or fashion design are far fewer than technical institutes. This highlights the need for a design school that caters to a more varied set of interests. Fashion or Interior cannot be the only avenues for Design just as Computer Science or Electronics cannot be the only options for Engineering.

The foundation of Strate School of Design is built on the vision of creating a world that’s simpler, more just, and more beautiful. With this in mind, the school has introduced its flagship 5-year Integrated French Master in Design program in Bangalore.

The primary aim of the program is to mould students into world-class designers with a global outlook of the industry.

The school presents students with a comprehensive insight into the design industry. This, in turn, makes them recognize the industry’s needs and work towards fulfilling them.

Students have the option to choose between one of five design specializations – Transportation, Product, Interaction, Space, and Identity. Each specialization imbibes in them the essential qualities that a designer must possess and elevates their skills to an artistic and humanistic level. They cultivate in them the concept of Design Thinking and magnifies both the purpose and creativity of their work.

The first two years of the program are dedicated to imbibing in students the right skills and thought processes expected of top-notch designers. Students are exposed to different design methodologies via design projects. It’s in the third year that they choose a specialization and take their ambitions forward.

The curriculum includes several opportunities to pursue internships, some of which can be taken up abroad. These internships give students a feel for how exactly the industry works. The internship abroad gives them a bird’s eye view of the industry on a global scale. Along with these internships, students also engage in workshops, seminars, and conferences, which will further expand their horizons in design.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how you can become a designer, Strate has the answer. Or rather, Strate School of Design IS the answer.