6 Upcoming young Graphic Designers
  • 18/01/2022
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6 Upcoming Young Graphic Designers

6 Upcoming Young Graphic Designers

Visuals are memorable and are pretty catchy. They are frequently the first opportunity to impress a potential consumer and keep their attention for as long as feasible.

That is why graphic designers’ work is receiving so much attention these days. The sector is expanding in response to increased demand, and as a result, the number of graphic designers entering the market is growing. Clients’ visions are brought to life by graphic designers through visual communication.

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Graphic designers create aesthetic compositions using graphics and text, but most importantly, they solve issues!

Here are 6 young graphic designers you might like to now about.

Anna Kuts

Anna Kuts, a brilliant young graphic designer based in New York, specializes in packaging, posters, logos, visual identity, editorial, and exhibition design. Her work appears to exhibit the exploratory trait of designers discovering their penchant and voice. Some pieces appear refined and smooth, some retro, some rather playful, and some more symbolic and artistic. Her creations, on the other hand, all have a strong aesthetic sense and are communicative. She is particularly enthusiastic about logo design. She frequently combines clean vector pieces with distinctive textures, and the results are stunning. Anna’s early success is a sign of what we might anticipate from her in the future.

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Lauren Hom

Lauren Hom is a Detroit-based designer and hand lettering artist. While studying advertising at the School of Visual Arts, she took up handwriting as a hobby. Over the next few years, she turned a few creative passion projects into a thriving freelancing business!

‘Work hard, snack often,’ she says. She understood that working hard all the time wasn’t sustainable after nearly a decade in the design profession, yet she got it tattooed on her wrists when she was 23. Lauren explains, “It will always be my slogan, and I’m fine with it.”

She intends to enroll in culinary school in 2023 to broaden her creative horizons and study the convergence of graphic and culinary arts.

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Lotta Nieminen

Lotta Nieminen is an award-winning creative studio focusing on branding, art direction, and graphic design for various international customers. The studio uses a multi-disciplinary approach to bring concept-driven visual identities to life through carefully created printed and digital executions. (Studio) Lotta Nieminen, based in Paris and New York, collaborates closely with a network of partners to build the perfect team for each project.

Mike Perry

Mike Perry is an illustrator, animator, and curator from the United States. On Comedy Central’s Broad City television show, he won a Primetime Emmy Award for animation. His pop culture artwork, collaborative ventures, and communal work frequently defy the expectations of traditional art galleries. Illustration, animation, painting, type, periodicals, videos, public art, sculpture, and books are his many mediums.

Perry was recognized as one of Step Magazine’s 30 under 30 in 2004, and Computer Arts Projects Magazine named him a pioneering illustrator in 2007. In 2008, he was chosen for Young Guns by the Art Directors Club, and he got Print Magazine’s New Visual Artist award. In 2018, he won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Motion Design as Animation Director for Comedy Central and Jax Media’s Broad City Mushrooms episode.

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Sam Parrett

Sam Parrett is a graphic designer based in the United Kingdom, and Set Sail Studios is his registered firm where you can find his distinctive font compositions.

He was ready for a fresh challenge after six years of designing graphics in the music industry. Sam pursued his passion for writing and typography, and in 2014, he released his first typeface. Since then, he’s transformed Set Sail Studios into an online marketplace for other designers looking for distinctive and intriguing fonts for their projects. He is presently working full-time on this project from his home studio in Bristol.

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Joanna Muñoz

Joanna Muoz is a lettering artist, calligrapher, and designer based in Los Angeles. While she has a BFA in Graphic Design and has worked in the entertainment and agency industries for over a decade, she has discovered that hand lettering allows her to create art that evokes a sense of childish wonder. To imbue her pieces with both purpose and fun, she utilizes a combination of bright letterforms and inspiring words.

Wink & wonder is her lettering and design studio formed out of her desire to create by hand and spread happiness in the most excellent way she knows how — through art. “The world needs more hugs and high fives,” says Joanna, “and I desire to distribute as much of that as I can.” She’s collaborated on some unique projects with big and small clients over the years, and she’s always looking for new opportunities that line with her principles.


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