5 tools to make a great product design
  • 01/03/2022
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5 Tools to make a great product design

5 Tools to make a great product design

The process of conceiving, designing, and iterating products that answer users’ issues or address specific demands in a market is referred to as product design.

Understanding the end-user customer, or the person for whom the product is being built, is critical to successful product design. Product designers use empathy and knowledge of their prospective clients’ routines, behaviors, frustrations, requirements, and aspirations to solve real problems for real people.

Good product design is woven into the fabric of the entire product lifetime. From pre-idea user research to concept creation to prototyping and usability testing, product design is critical in developing the initial user experience and product offering.

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It’s also about a lot more than what users see on their devices. System and process design are critical behind-the-scenes elements that eventually lead to people visiting and interacting with the interface design.

Product managers work at the crossroads of technology, design, and commerce. There is no single piece of software that can meet all of your needs, whether it’s for graphic design, structure, illustrations, interactions, or animations. Choosing the best ones available on the market can be difficult and time-consuming.

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Choosing the best product design course will spearhead your journey towards becoming a product designer.

Because visual appeal can be judged in roughly 50 milliseconds, marketers nowadays have a short amount of time to establish a lasting impression.

  • Approximately 73 percent of firms are willing to invest in design to help their brand stand out among the digital competitors.
  • According to Adobe, more than 70% of enterprises are now creating 10x the quantity of design-based assets compared to the previous years. This makes the requirements for digital product design tools highly apparent.

Given below are the essential tools to make a great product design.


Figma is the undisputed monarch of mid to heavyweight prototyping tools, thanks to its device presets, easy-to-use prototyping tools, and a slew of useful features. Only the most intricate interactions will require additional programs, and you can open and modify Sketch files in Figma without difficulty.

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Collaboration is a breeze with Figma. Non-collaborators can easily access your designs by browser link without a subscription, thanks to the subscription, which allows for real-time collaborative working.

Adobe XD

With Adobe XD, you can present your case with designs that look and feel like the real thing. It’s an all-in-one UI/UX design tool that allows you to create wireframes and animations, prototype, and collaborate on designs.

Using Adobe XD, a one-stop application that allows any professional to view a design and instantly get an idea of how the final product will feel. Product designers may use Adobe XD to be more inventive and collaborate more effectively with their teams.

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The SaaS industry is highly competitive and dynamic.

The demands related to designer efficiency, communication, and collaboration are very high. InVision as a platform has so much to offer; it’s become highly popular across many industries, with new features being added all the time.

You may use InVision to take designs from conception to completion without utilizing any other program.


Sip is a sophisticated color picker tool for product designers to collect, organize, and edit a wide range of colors. It enables you to share colors with everyone and tie them to other particular workflow tools.

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Colors, like fonts, are an essential element of any product designer’s workflow. Sip excels at keeping you organized and inspired by your color palettes. The utility supports practically every believable color format and comes with many additional tools that interact with your entire operating system and browser of choice.


Sometimes all you need to do is write down your thoughts in the simplest way possible as a starting point for subsequent work.

Balsamiq is a low-fidelity wireframing and prototyping tool that’s ideal for quickly developing early-stage prototypes for your design team to review. It’s made to mimic the feel of sketching with a pen and paper without the need for any initial setup.

You can start from scratch or use Balsamiq’s extensive asset collection to get a wide choice of ready-to-use components. You can also contribute your details to the library to use in your early concepts regularly.

It’s not easy to find the perfect tool for your stack. The quest for product roadmap tools, project management systems, or a better approach to managing A/B testing, data management, or consumer feedback can be exhausting.

You need the appropriate product people on your team to produce a world-beating digital product. The field of product design is vast and diverse, with opportunities to learn about a wide range of topics. It’s a fantastic outlet for someone interested in technology, entrepreneurship, and creative design.

If all of this knowledge has piqued your interest, why not get started right away?

The Product Design course at Strate, Bangalore, aims at training designers who can implement systemic thinking and design services and products satisfying those usages and issues. It is open to designers who want to create artistic yet functional products.

Today, it is no longer possible to design objects disconnected from usages and societal issues. Between the realities of industrial production and the ambition to create meaning for his contemporaries, today’s product designer navigates through objects’ materiality and services’ immateriality. Thus, we need to prepare students to consider all human issues from a new perspective, generously and accurately, to design and offer just and beautiful experiences.

The scope of product design is far-reaching and lucrative. Demand for product designers has seen an upward growth over the years. The industry is currently developing at an annual rate of 10%, opening many opportunities for budding designers. Product designers who want to make a career in this field should be highly innovative to transform their ideas into sustainable and useful products.

For more details on the admission and fees, visit our website strate.in. Our academic counselors can guide you through the program details and admission process.

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