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5 reasons to become a UX/UI designer

Seeking to become a UI/UX designer? Or looking to transition to a new field in design?

As businesses across the globe continue to make a conscious shift towards digital transformation, the demand of UX/ UI has seen a steady increase over the past few years and is only expected to grow into niche streams. The importance of building a unique user experience is becoming vital to businesses and has been a key reason for success for a number of products and services.

Here are top 5 reasons to become part of this growing community in UX/UI design:

Remote work opportunities

Seeking work-life balance and flexibility in work? This is the apt career choice for you!

UX/UI design is one field that is increasingly offering opportunities for designers to work remotely. Especially pandemic pushing the world to work from home, remote work has become part of our everyday lives and brands globally are now open to hiring individuals with great talent who can work remotely from any corner of the country or the world.

As a UX/UI designer, one can work from remote locations on their design, testing, wireframe designs and more with the apt software’s on their systems. This flexibility offers many to have work-life balance and the growing emerging technologies have eased the designers process to connect, collaborate and communicate with respective teams.

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Growing competitive salaries

Need financial security from your job? UX/UI is the right field for you!

The UX/UI field is known to offer high salaries in the design world when compared to a few other design related entry jobs. Many freshers hired directly from universities can gain mid-manager level salaries – all thanks to their talent and showcase of abilities to build the right design products. Looking at these competitive salaries, the more you gain experience in the field and develop your skills to match with the needs of the growing businesses, the higher demand of compensation you can seek.

A good compensation package offers stability in their finances and acts as a strong motivation to continue with your passion in design while building meaningful products and user journeys.

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Building products that matter and have a positive impact

Want to make a difference using your design skills? This is the right field for you then.

UI/UX designers have a crucial role to play in how a user views a product and experiences it, leading to a direct impact on the user’s life. As a UX/UI designer you will be able to make a visible difference by being a catalyst in bringing new information to light that needs to be researched further or worked on to offer the user a solution.

For example, in our world today, health services management is a growing field with a number of opportunities and issues to solve. As a UX/UI designer you can become part of the solution to help develop an application or web page that offer solutions and eases the process for users to find apt health management solutions for their needs. Making a positive impact in their job to several users also acts as a strong motivation for designers. With your creative problem solution and design thinking-based solutions, you can build, design and craft experiences that are visually appealing, functional and allow users an ease of use.

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Career growth and advancement opportunities

Are you in need of a career that helps you grow in the field and advance towards senior management roles? Here you go!

Not only are UX/UI based careers in high demand they are also filled with opportunities to grow from a fresher’s entry-level profile to a senior management or leadership role. You can be a freelancer or a full-time working professional in UX/UI – the more you gain experiences on working on projects in the industry, the more you are able to progress in this field in your career.

The more you become specialized and master a niche or a sector, the chances are more you will be in demand by the firms working in the sector. You need to position yourself as a niche expert and take advantage of the growing demand in the sector to build your rewarding career path.

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Growing career options and specializations within UX/UI
Need to become an expert and specialize in a niche? UX/UI offers you many niche variations!
The field of UX/UI offers designers options to choose from, these options are different directions within UX/UI. You can become a:

UX designer – Picking the straightforward path to setting up design processes, brainstorming and creating brand new ideas and experiences.

UX and UI designer
– Here you can choose to pick a mix of both roles in UI and UX. You will work designing the visual and creative elements of the web design as well as designing how users will experience these elements – building new experiences for users that make their process more memorable.

UX researcher
– If research is your passion, this is the apt choice for you. A UX researcher analyses the issues at hand, seeks answers from the reports and aims to find solutions via in-depth research.

Information architects –
You will be responsible for building site architecture, wireframes and further building functional specifications and documentation for apps, creating a framework for the apt and proper execution of the UX design

Visual designers –
In this aspect you will focus on fashioning a visual language for the web design or the application. Visual design is like a design language of the brand and helps to bring out their vision and values.

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Other specialized fields in UX/UI are also becoming UX strategist, Accessibility designer, to becoming a freelancer and building your own portfolio of projects that either focus on one aspect of UX/UI or more is also a widely chosen option in our post-covid lockdown times.

If you are passionate about making an impact by building meaningful products, UX/UI design offers a number of opportunities to bring your creativity, solutions-oriented approach and niche expertise to good use.

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