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5 Qualities to look for before choosing a Design School

5 Qualities to look for before choosing a Design School

Are you unsure which Design school would provide you with the best exposure? It is a well-known reality that selecting a Design college in India can be difficult. With more institutes being added to the list of Top Design schools daily, finding one that meets all of your requirements can be challenging.

This article is about the most important factors to consider when selecting a Design school. When looking for a Design school in India, consider the following features and make sure they are on your list:


Regardless of which design institute you want to apply to, the faculty would significantly impact whether or not you succeed in your career in design. Faculty have a significant effect on your learning experience, and faculty-student experiences can never be forgotten. The faculty’s position is tied to design education’s primary and core functions, even if it has no immediate impact on your performance.

Check out the solid and dynamic faculty of Strate School of Design here:

Course Curriculum and Co-curricular Activities

A design program’s faculty and curriculum are inextricably linked. What’s important to remember here is that looking over the curriculum of your chosen course gives you an idea of what you’ll face and whether or not you’ll like it. The majority of design enthusiasts make the mistake of selecting a design institute solely based on its brand value, and as a result, they lose interest in the industry.

Unlike in the past, today’s institutes place a high value on providing students with a well-rounded education. They are strongly encouraged to participate in various extracurricular activities, including workshops and hands-on design projects. If your college experience is primarily academic, you will also participate in extracurricular activities.

With over 24 years of experience in European design excellence, Strate has set up an international team to train Indian talents locally in Bangalore.

Strate is a French design school and a platform where more than 100 professionals share designers’ values, knowledge, methods, and practices daily with students. The school undertakes numerous collaborative projects that allow students to encounter and adapt to engineering and marketing. Conceived as a sharing space, Strate School of Design is also a place of learning to live together.

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Reviews and Ranking

Choosing which institute to obtain your design degree from is likely to be one of the most important decisions you can make in your life. So, while you’re at it, it’s a good idea to check out the college reviews written by former institute students—furthermore, various organizations, methodologies, or publications rate every institute in India.

Strate School of India is ranked among the Top 60 Design Schools globally.

Location, Infrastructure, and Campus Life

Your college experience is undeniably influenced by your place. Your days at a design school will be affected by the area, its size, and the local community, and a field-like design will undoubtedly be influenced by the college site. Your college’s position would also have a significant impact on your costs.

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When touring the campus, to bear in mind is to see the unique design services the institute provides and the standard benefits. To gain theoretical and practical knowledge, pay careful attention to the same and the campus atmosphere.

Amphitheatre, lecture halls, classrooms, workshops, cafeteria, etc., are spaces of everyday life whereby our students prepare themselves to be generous and empathetic professionals.

Currently, Strate is offering 5-year Integrated graduate programs in Design in Product, Transportation, Identity & Interaction domains.

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Scholarship Availability

To draw more students and provide equal opportunities to all aspirants, many design schools offer scholarships based on both merit and financial need. Although there is a common misconception that scholarships are only available to students in desperate need, you should apply for one to lower your tuition costs. Some institutes require separate registration, while others administer general entrance exams.

At Strate School of Design, we offer a 100% Tuition Fee Waiver Scholarship called iLEAD. We firmly believe that every deserving student should have an opportunity to learn and pursue their dream career on a global scale.

As a member of the Cumulus network, which federates most applied art schools worldwide, Strate has signed many partnerships with schools and universities on the five continents. It exchanges students, teachers, and academic actions.

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As we are eager to train efficient and innovative professionals, the school’s educational project is fully structured around the relationship with industries. The people teaching at Strate are indeed all professionals, experts in their field of activity, ensuring what they teach in the school. All the mandatory internships our students undertake are opportunities to meet the challenges of the companies.

The research partnerships allow innovating companies to benefit from the specificities of design research, of which Strate is one of the specialization stakeholders.

Before opting for a Design School, any student must have a word with the alumni of a school to get an in-depth understanding of the school’s amenities, faculties, and placement opportunities.

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