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10 Design blogs to follow

One of the most exciting things about design is that it never stands still – it’s ever evolving nature is what brings excitement, newness and more opportunities. This also means that designers need to keep up with the latest trends, software’s, design techniques and emerging technologies – which collectively is a challenge in itself. Here is where design blogs fit in, these blogs are meant to bring to you the latest of the trends and tech, best practices, industry experts opinions and their predictions of the new trends, news and more conversations to help you stay inspired, connected and creative.

Design blogs are now known to be a source for visual inspiration, sparking fresh and original ideas, connecting people for collaborations and a space for never a dull moment for the designers. Here we have collected some of the most well known or sort after design blogs that focus on graphic design, visual/ brand identity, UX/ UI and Interaction design, transportation design, product design, typography and much more:

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Nielsen Norman Group: UX design focused

They are known to have produced a great blog that features all things UX design – Psychology and UX, writing for web and user testing. This is such an inspiring space for UX designers, it is beginner friendly with easy to understand information. This information on their blog is usually backed by studies, so you can be sure what you are reading is authentic and well researched.

UX planet: UX design focused

Interested in learning about UX design?
Here is your one stop resource in the form of a blog that will offer your everything under the sky for UX design and user research. From deep rooted articles in user experience, it will also have many focused on UX for beginners, user research, a detailed tab dedicated to careers in UX design, a tab dedicated to UX/UI agencies and an opportunity to publish on UX planet.

UX Matters: UX design focused

Looking for tips to improve on your UX design work? UX matters is the ideal blog for you then!
This is ideal for beginners and experts, they offer you access to professional UX designers that can help answer your questions and queries fast, aiding in interaction between designers leading to problem solving conversations. UX matters also helps one to stay abreast of the UX design trends, useful tools and resources.

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BP&O: Brand Identity design focused

BP&O stands for Branding, Packaging and opinions. This blog delivers on all these three with an impactful visual appeal along with the in-depth analysis. Brainchild of a British freelance designer and writer who specializes in brand identity and packaging, BP&O is your one stop shop for all things brand identity. The brand says they are focused on ideas, strategy and design craft and believe in taking their time to discover, research and write about graphic design that is both purposeful and beautifully realized.

Typewolf: Typography focused

Don’t we all love a good typography design?
Typewolf is one space for Typography lovers!
This blog is an independent site that covers and features typefaces from all foundries – regardless of where they can be purchased or otherwise. The blog claims to make their space be the absolute best resource available for everything that is to do with typography on the web. Started by a designer, the blog is focused on working on how designers who work with type go on from their day -to-day work rather than from a single designers perspective.

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The Dieline: Packaging design focused

Are you working in packaging design?
Here is one blog for your daily inspiration that has it all wrapped up. Dieline is a global design community space, a place where the community can critique, review, be informed and stay informed on the latest trends in the sector and check out various other design projects being created in the field. Dieline claims that its mission is to build a global community of practitioners who can advocate in the packaging industry for a more sustainable solutions oriented approach through creativity and innovation.

Dezeen: Product design focused (among others)

Curious to see global trends in the world of design?
While the main focus area of Dezeen is on architecture and interior design, the brand is also known to have built a unique community around product design to focus along with other interesting art and design projects. The digital magazine is also known to be featured in the The Times newspaper as ’50 top websites you can’t live without’ in 2013 and in the TIME magazine’s ‘Design 100’ list of the most influential forces in global design.

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Yanko Designs: Product, Automotive and more.

Product designer to a Automotive designer – this one has it got it all!
An online magazine that is dedicated to cover the best in product design – internationally. What started in 2022 to cover students’ work over time has grown into an international publishing brand with millions of readers. They are focused on new, innovative, unique and undiscovered design with a focus on the future. Yanko features designs that are offering innovative solutions for sustainable futures in product design, automotive and architecture.

Google Design: All things Google focused.

Ever wonder about all the designs on Google products?
Here is one space to find it all and get inspired. As the brand claims, Google design is focused on supporting the future of design and technology. It is a cooperative effort that is led by a group of designers, writers and developers at Google. This group works across teams to create content that reflects and showcases Google’s design work as well as how they are the champion innovators in the field.

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Alphabettes: Typography focused

A blog by women to support women – yes!
This blog right here has been dedicated to support and promote the work of women in lettering, typography and type design since 2015. The blog is known to feature the latest work, commentary and research in all mentioned fields. Regardless of your gender, we recommend you to follow this blog for inspiration.

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